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We guide clients through the complexities of AI implementation, crafting tailored strategies, and solutions that drive success.
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Our story

Founded in 2023, Advisor Labs was born from the recognition of AI technology's transformative impact across industries. Our founders, with 40 years of combined experience in technology consulting, saw the need for businesses to adopt AI and ML for a competitive advantage.

Unlike traditional firms, we offer a dual focus on technology and business understanding. This dual approach, combining the insights of our business consultants with the technical acumen of our software and AI experts, ensures a guided path to success for our clients.

With experience across the US and internationally, our reach and experience span various sectors. From banking, education, government, healthcare, and more, our reach enables us to provide innovative solutions to diverse business challenges.

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Over 40 years combined experience

We bring years of unique insights and innovative solutions to every business challenge.

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Dual expertise approach

Merging business acumen with technical expertise, we deliver success across the country.

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Diverse industry portfolio

From banking to healthcare and financial services, we serve a wide range of industries.

Unique dual approach in custom AI solutions

We recognize that successful AI integration transcends mere technical implementation. Our dual expertise ensures that every solution is technologically advanced and perfectly aligned with your objectives.

The role of automation in business evolution

By streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency, our process automation solutions drive businesses towards a future of increased productivity and operational excellence. This ensures they remain competitive and agile.


Trent Rowley, Chief Executive Officer of AdvisorLabs

Trent Rowley

Chief Executive Officer

Trent co-founded Advisor Labs to provide transformation technical consulting services after leaving Altigen Communications as COO in October 2023. Prior to Altigen, Trent was President of ZAACT Consulting which was purchased by Altigen Communications in May 2022. Trent has over 20 years of business experience with 15 years of project control and project management experience. He holds an MBA from the University of Utah and a BA in business management from BYU-Idaho. Immediately prior to working at ZAACT he spent 5 years managing a team of Financial and Schedule analysists, managing ~$500-$600 million in government contracts for a large government defense contractor. He has extensive knowledge of business financial modeling, process development, project controls, change management, and project implementation. Trent enjoys helping guide clients through the complex process of developing and implementing custom business systems which help to drive improved business outcomes.
Chris Weidemann, Chief Technology Officer of AdvisorLabs

Chris Weidemann

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Weidemann has over 20 years of experience helping enterprises build progressive technical solutions. He holds a master’s degree from USC. Mr. Weidemann first started working with AI in 2013, where his research led to multiple peer-reviewed publications. At Advisor Labs, Chris specializes in guiding clients through building custom software solutions that incorporate AI into their business systems. Due to his extensive career in business systems integration, process management, change management, and one of very few that can claim a decade of experience in AI and ML, Chris is an industry leader in intelligent automation. As a leader, Chris has helped a variety of organizations, including government agencies, banking institutions, large healthcare systems, non-profit organizations, financial services corporations, sports teams, and AEC firms. Clients often commend his strong business acumen, which enables him to drive unique value by tailoring technical solutions to align with and enhance business objectives, rather than forcing businesses to adapt to technology.

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